March 1, 2011

The reason for the Chip-In

I got my dog, Charlotte (see photo above), from this wonderful rescue group. Please help, if you can! 
TLC is in some serious need of donations. Two things need your help - one urgently. Recent one of our fosters (Jasmine - stepped out of her doggie bed in the morning and tweaked her back leg at the kneecap - now needs luxating patella surgery ($1,332). The rescue has had some hefty vet bills in the past 4 months because we consistently pull hard cases off of the kill lists at the 7 local shelters we work with.

The second item we are trying to raise funds for is a trailer we can store our needed items throughout the week (Xpens, crates, supplies, etc.) and then transport each week to the mobile adoptions we hold in Moorpark. If we can't find a 6-8' trailer someone is willing to donate to us (we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization), we will need to buy one (hence the balance of whatever we can raise after covering Jasmine's popping kneecap surgery).

Normally we do not ask for donations through public appeals like this, but adoptions and donations have REALLY been down since the economy took a nose dive and we've now eaten up our financial reserves little by little. Please help - the dogs will thank you for it!
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